Tutorial Videos

Our tutorial videos are usually in 480p or 640p resolution. The HD resolution videos are avoided due to their large file size which may cause download issues for some customers in addition to their high download cost without significant advantage in visual content. The prices of the videos depend on their contents and duration. The following table contains our video pricing method

Tutorial Videos Pricing
Tutorial Content Includes computer coding Price (per minute)
Mechanics (Theory) No $0.075
Mechanics (Problem solution) No $0.10
Mechanics (Problem soution) Yes $0.15
Computer Programming Yes $0.15
Numerical Analysis Yes $0.20


  • Some videos may have downloadable companion files produced by the author.
  • PDF files of standard tables and charts that are required to solve the problems are free.

Electronic Publications

The price of an e-publications depends on its academic level, topic, number of pages and companion material (like computer codes).

Computer Programs

The price of an educational computer program depends on its academic level, topic, solution capabilities and form (source code / executable).