Programming Numerical Methods in Python

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Programming Numerical Methods in Python

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Course Description:
Many of the Numerical Analysis courses focus on the theory and derivations of the numerical methods more than the programming techniques. Students get the codes of the numerical methods in different languages from textbooks and lab notes and use them in working their assignments instead of programming them by themselves.

For this reason, the course of Programming Numerical Methods in Python focuses on how to program the numerical methods step by step to create the most basic lines of code that run on the computer efficiently and output the solution at the required degree of accuracy.
This course is a practical tutorial for the students of Numerical Analysis to cover the part of the programming skills of their course.

In addition to its simplicity and versatility, Python is a great educational computer language as well as a powerful tool in scientific and engineering computations. For the last years, Python and its data and numerical analysis and plotting libraries, such as NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib, have become very popular programming language and tool in industry and academia.

That’s why this course is based on Python as programming language and NumPy and matplotlib for array manipulation and graphical representation, respectively. At the end of each section, a number of SciPy numerical analysis functions are introduced by examples. In this way, the student will be able to program his codes from scratch and in the same time use the advanced library functions in his work.

This course covers the following topics:

  1. Roots of High-Degree Equations
  2. Interpolation and Curve Fitting
  3. Numerical Differentiation
  4. Numerical Integration
  5. Systems of Linear Equations
  6. Ordinary Differential Equations

Numerical Computing with Python

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An Overview

Numerical Computing is nowadays the beating heart of almost all fields of scientific research and engineering design. Even the experimental science and engineering rely on the computational tools to analyze and visualize the resulting data.

Since the 1950’s when FORTRAN was a must for those who study science and engineering, many computer languages and environments such as C/C++ and MATLAB have been used in the computational works, but I believe none of them could create such large communities in specialized areas of programming as Python did.

Numerical Computing with Python will be a series of YouTube tutorials on ‘MechTutor com Channel’ about the numerical analysis methods with Python. It focuses on two main aspects:

  • Programming of Numerical Methods in Python by utilizing NumPy arrays and Matplotlib plots
  • Using SciPy library function related to the numerical methods

The Topics of the tutorials are divided to the following groups of videos:

  1. Programming in Python for numerical computing
  2. Using and manipulating NumPy arrays and matrices
  3. Plotting with Matplotlib
  4. Programming numerical methods
  5. Using SciPy solvers

Programming numerical methods and using SciPy solvers will be introduced in parallel in addition to the use of NumPy and Matplotlib in the scripts.

This is roughly my current overview of the series which will start this February, and I deeply hope I will introduce useful knowledge and training to the community.

Coming Soon: Applied Numerical Analysis with Python

Coming soon …

A new ebook and a series of video tutorials

Applied Numerical Analysis with Python

So, keep in tune.

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