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MechTutor.com is a personal website for educational support in the topics of engineering mechanics like statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, etc.
The category Tutorials focuses on problem solution videos with clear and simple explanation of each step. Solutions are manual or by means of computer codes of common programming languages (MATLAB, C++ or Python).
Helpful e-books, manuals and notes can be found in the E-Publications category. They supply additional information about the subjects and solution methods of the tutorials.
The Software category offers computer programs (source codes or executable files) to be used in solving specific problems related to different subjects of the tutorials.

About The Tutor

Murad Elarbi is a mechanical engineering and lecturer at the University of Benghazi. Since 1995, he taught courses of mechanical engineering like Engineering Drawing, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Machine Design Projects and Automatic Control for Mechanical Engineers. Because of his interest in computer programming and numerical methods, he programmed many engineering solutions at different levels and instructed numerous computer programming training courses in FORTRAN, C++ and MATLAB. He also has recently instructed an online course about Numerical Methods in Python.